Do this before bed time! It’ll be much more efficient and easier on the overall system.

Integration Code – X77

  1. Begin to imagine a chromium (chrome color but has many high vibrational colors within it) and blue-sapphire frequency light filling your space. Up through floor and down through the ceiling, in through the walls. Imagine it spinning around you in a clockwise direction.
  2. Begin to breathe in the light and imagine it filling your entire body, every cell. I like to breathe it into my head and face and move it slowly down through each body part until I feel it saturating the entire body.
  3. Imagine/know there is a blue and green “fluorite” frequency cube in the space in front of you. Place the code “X77” into this cube. Once the code is placed in the cube, it should vibrate and move forward into your heart. Imagine it doing so if it doesn’t. 

That’s all you really need to do and the rest will be automated. The cube will move onto its axis within your heart and spin like a diamond in a clockwise direction. The code will dissolve and a stream of light will flow up through your throat, 3rd eye, and then will connect with your crown. The crown will activate. Light flows into the left and right brain. 

It will then flow down through your throat into your higher heart, heart, solar plexus, sacral, root — and it’ll flow down into the Earth Star and activates. Light will flow from the crown to the Earth Star chakra and will flow down into the center of Gaia, into her merkaba. She’ll shift the frequency and send it back up through the chakras up into the pineal gland. Light will flow from the pineal to the different areas of the brain. Light will be flowing from the different transmission centers. 

Platinum light will flow from the alpha transmission center will flow down through the system and into the omega transmission center. It will activate your “platinum light body”, several sets of platinum cylinders – which will create a big toroidal field. It essentially creates a safe “grid”. This helps integrate the incoming plasma rays. It will help shift the incoming codes to help our mental/physical/emotional bodies integrate.