You Have An Upcoming Session, Now What?

Each healing practitioner has their own particular “flavor” and “recipes” when it comes to their sessions. Just like food, we each have our own particular tastes and cook accordingly. I wanted to create this page to help you best prepare for your upcoming session with me. Although being prepared is not required sometimes knowing what is coming can help you set clear intentions and can help you identify ways to make your session as transformational as possible.

Ty’s “Flavor”

There is so much diversity between each of us as individuals and it is no exception when it comes to how we facilitate healings. We are constantly evolving and our toolkits grow and expand along with us. As we shed more and more of what we are not, we expose understandings and gifts that may function closer to the core of who and what we really are. My sessions don’t quite look like many other healers so I wanted to give you some more insight on what’s going on – either so you are not freaked out or so that you can really dig in to my particular abilities to your advantage in your own healing journey.

  • “Chef’s Special” – In general, most of my healings will be a diverse combination of different healing modalities and techniques that I have remembered over time. Some of these modalities function closely to the core of my higher self and some have been picked up in this lifetime through trial and error or through connections made with others. Dependent on what your body, mind, spirit complex needs at the time the modality may shift throughout the session. This includes working with galactic frequencies and beings (using energy from planets, information from stars), directly “plugging-in” to the energy blockages using my personal electromagnetic field (removing magnetic binding from the meridian system), expressing light language (frequency, tones, and sounds expressed audibly), channeling light codes in different forms (frequency, tones, and sounds expressed audibly or motions with the body), directly channeling Source light (a powerful pulsing of energies direct from high), using “pre-programmed” codes with specific functions that automatically execute a number of activities and intentions, as well as directly channeling healing from my Universal Higher Self (this is where my higher aspects take over my physical movements and execute the healing directly).

There are many more little techniques and tools used, always dependent on what is best for the highest good of the individual at that time. Overall, my Higher Self and guides work directly with your higher self and guides to facilitate the best possible healing for you at that time; I step aside and they take over.

I am not doing the healing, I am simply the facilitator for the healing that you and your team seek at that time. I am a permission slip from your own consciousness to help shift in ways you have CHOSE for yourself.

How Best to Prepare

I want to share a little bit about how I currently facilitate my in-person and remote sessions. Both in-person and remote sessions are equally powerful and they each have their own benefits. Below is a little bit of info about how these different options generally function.

  • In-Person Healings – Currently these sessions are done on special occasion or upon request. I recommend in-person healings if you want to have a direct experience with the energetic techniques or if there is a really specific issue you are seeking help with (especially physical). I will use much of the same protocol as in remote sessions but it’s easier to “plug-in” directly to the energetic blocks and use different techniques that are more difficult remotely. In-person sessions can be quite strong and it’s possible for one to go into deep trance and fall asleep — this is a really good thing! Healing can happen at a very deep level and the sessions can be great for an overall physical, emotional, and mental reset. Just relax and enjoy the energy!In-person healings start with an overall balancing and clearing protocol (a VERY powerful automated “program” that clears energy, releases past lives, opens up the meridians, and much much more). This part of the healing alone will function over 24-48 hours and slowly taper off over a week period. This lays a foundation for the other work. I then connect with galactic bodies to help assist the energies and bring in light codes appropriate for the healing. I will often activate a number of automated pre-designed programs that do a whole bunch of work in a VERY quick way. With these pre-designed codes/programs I am able to offer very comprehensive healings within a very short period of time. These programs will run for the duration of the session and may assist in shifts in your consciousness over the coming days and weeks. Be prepared!

    My intention is to assist you with your own tools to empower yourself. In-person sessions have more a little more direct consultation involved and healing techniques may be shared to assist. 🙂

  • Remote Healings – Remote healings are great because they can be done