Personalized Pre-recorded Light Code Transmission


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If you’re aware of TY-EL you’re likely familiar with the lightcode transmissions that are channeled to music. We are now offering this powerful delivery method as a custom service for less than the prices of a t-shirt! You choose the music and intention(s) of your choice and TY-EL will channel divine healing codes that are specifically tailored for the recipient!

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How does it work?

TY-EL is a multidimensional channel and uses this ability to access codes, frequencies, and energies that are unique and powerful. TY-EL utilizes what is often referred to as “light language” or “light codes” and expresses this through movements and sounds. Light is data and TY-EL pulls data from the multiverse and creates “packages” of information that are accessed during these transmissions. These packages are then available for the recipient’s higher self (spiritual self) and spiritual guides to access and they can then utilize these codes to deliver to the recipient when appropriate, which is encoded to only be for the highest good.

With this technique, TY-EL is able to package a ton of data and functionality into what might seem like a short and sharp delivery method. Light language and light codes are powerful multidimensional tools that extend outside of space-time. Depending on the intention of the transmission, it’s possible to have a unique experience every time the video is watched… or the transmission will go deeper and deeper each time. You set the intentions and your higher self and team will assist with the rest!


Tips & Suggestions:

Choose music that fits the vibe of your intention. For example, if your intention is to feel empowered and leveling up, you would want a music choice that triggers that feeling of badassery and power within you. Equally, if you want to target the source of a specific emotional issue it might be helpful to choose a song that triggers that emotion. 

If you don’t know what music to choose, TY-EL will choose a fast-paced musical choice to code to (it’s what’s most fun for us).

You can choose a number of intentions for your transmission but just know that the more intentions you put into it that there may be less overall oompf between the intentions compared if it were just one intention. That doesn’t mean it won’t work! It may be helpful to watch daily for a period of time to get the most benefit. 

All transmissions are encoded so they are able to be watched over without issue and more benefits will be available each time it’s watched.

This service can be purchased as a gift but it will only work with the conscious permission of the person or their higher self. We don’t recommend buying a transmission with the intention of fixing anyone, but just a transmission for their highest good or of unconditional love and support. Would be great to their favorite song!


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