Preparing For Your Session

You have booked a session that is right around the corner. You might be curious how to best prepare for this session. I’ve outlined a few tips that may help you get the most from our experience together!

Ty’s sessions are a facilitation of a wide range of modalities and techniques. Ty is a certified spiritual healer and is a direct channel of his multidimensional aspects. Ty uses a unique recipe of healing techniques and modalities to help bring coherence within the mind, body, and spirit. Using the assistance of frequencies from the stars and help from galactic and divine allies, Ty’s higher aspects help to remove incoherent programs within the human system and bring in light-codes that are needed for that individual at that time.

In-person sessions​ will take place at Mystical Wares in Mount Vernon. If we are not waiting at the front desk just mention to them that you have a session scheduled with us and they’ll help you find us. We’ll then go to a private healing room for the session.

Remote sessions​ will take place via Zoom, Skype, or another messenger service. Ty will provide you with a link the day before. These will be recorded and shared if requested.

Payments for In-Person Sessions can be paid for during the booking process via credit card or other payment service or can be paid in cash after the session. Remote sessions can be paid for during the booking process. Contact us if there are concerns with the payment process, we can work with you. All payments are donation based or energetically exchanged.

Understanding the Protocol

The session will begin with a quick consultation to better get an idea of how we can help and to establish clear intentions for the session. Although it’s not necessary, it’s recommended to set an intention for an outcome and keep it in your awareness coming into the session.

Ty will do a quick scan of your energy body to feel-out energetic incoherence. You may lay on a table or sit in a chair, soft music may be turned on and you may be given an eye mask. It’s your prerogative.

We will then start with an overall balancing and clearing protocol (a VERY powerful automated “program” that clears energy, releases past lives, opens up the meridians, and much much more). This part of the healing alone will function over 24-48 hours and slowly taper off over a week period. This healing is divinely guided. This lays a foundation for the other work and is very powerful.

We will then connect with a number of different frequencies to help facilitate the rest of the healing.

We’ll activate codes that have been pre-programmed in preparation for the sessions that automate powerful healing functions. This allows us to get a TON of work done in a short period of time.

After the first phases are initiated, then we will go to work on specific blocks and bring in light codes requested by the client’s higher self and guidance team. Ty is a direct channel for these frequencies and the healings and activations are specific for the client.

A wide range of modalities may be used and we leave it pretty flexible to allow for whatever is needed to come through.

After the healings and activations come through we’ll be more or less done. However you will be provided with a programmed crystal that will be gifted at the end of the session. This crystal will hold your intention as well as valuable frequencies facilitated through the session. This crystal can be used to tune-in to the energies used in the session at a later time for a quick pick-me-up… or it can just be a souvenir too 🙂 You may be presented with other documents to further assist you following the session.

How to Prepare

You really don’t need to do anything except be present and be open and accepting of healing — but there are still some tips to help get the most from your session…

Prior to the Session

Eat Consciously – ​Be mindful of what you eat – perhaps don’t eat anything that your body doesn’t agree with or is particularly “heavy”. Keeping it light and healthy is best. Sometimes people prefer to fast prior to healings. Nothing is necessary, it’s totally up to you.

Drink Lots of Good Water – ​We highly recommend to drink lots of water leading up to the session and definitely a lot of water

Meditate Prior to the Session ​- It may be helpful to reserve some still time ahead of the session to calm your body and clear your mind. This can assist to help move the energies faster during the session and can help you set a clear intention to hold while in the session.

Set An Intention – ​This can be nice and simple. “I intend to heal my heartbreak”, “The intention for this session is to heal my bad shoulder”, or even “I just want to be opened up and activated!”

Be Open – “Belief” is not necessary but being opened to receive can assist a lot. You don’t need to buy into any of it in order to receive the benefits. Some people are more sensitive to energies than others but that doesn’t mean that it’s not working if you don’t feel it. At the very least, the session can be some time for you to relax and give your body the attention it craves.

During the Session

Relax – ​It’s really quite simple; just relax! Trying to keep your mind clear of thoughts isn’t always that likely for many people so don’t sweat it but keep in mind that nothing is random… being aware that anything that comes up such as memories or thoughts are going to be connected and potentially relevant. Being aware of this can be very powerful! Keeping a positive attitude and calm mind can assist.

Feel Deeply ​- We’ll ask you to feel all that you can feel in your body during the session. Especially subtle sensations (such as tingles, warmth, etc). This will help increase the strength. “Feel to heal” is our motto here. If there is pain, it’s actually usually a good sign and leaning into the pain will help it shift.

This goes for emotions as well. Many emotions may move through you during the session and they are coming up for a reason. Relax and feel them, they are indications of old programs leaving. If you can cry – please do!! Crying releases on many levels, literally purging emotional chemicals from the body in the tears. We help you to let go of these things so we may experience the releasing for you (crying, coughing, gagging, yawning, etc).

If you feel angry – be angry! Happy? Laugh! We are humans and emotions are meant to be felt. Healing happens when we remove stuck emotions from our energy field.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – ​Some stuff can be pretty weird on the surface and lots can be happening – please don’t be afraid to ask questions! There is no formality here, do what feels right and engage if you want to engage… or if you just want to relax that’s ok too!

After the Session

Relax – ​It’s recommended to spend some time in meditation or just chill for a while. You will be integrating a lot of energies and you don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself. Pamper yourself, do something that makes you happy. Just be you!

Drink Lots of Good Water – ​Your cells and being will be going through a deep purge and cleansing. It is a REQUIREMENT to drink LOTS of water the following days after a session. The codes will be working over an extended period. Good water will help the process. I recommend using shungite to increase the bioavailability of the water.

Journal ​- It can be helpful to journal your experience for future reference or to just help you process some of that which is moving through you.

Dream Time ​- A lot of connections will be made through the session and you may be reunited with energies you have not in a very long time. This can trigger a lot of vivid experiences during dream time. Just be aware of this. You may be processing some deep traumas or have integrated old parts of your being and this will often expose itself to you in dream time.

Integration Time​ – Each session is different but in all sessions there are a lot of energies and codes coming in. This will take time to integrate – days to potentially weeks. Just be aware of this. During this time you may feel great or you may be going through a lot of really rough emotions and triggers but it’s all a part of the healing process. Recognize that emotions are there to be felt and triggers are there to help you recognize them to release them. Contact Ty for tips if you are struggling. ​Click here​ for more information on this and what is sometimes called a “healing crisis” (it’s a good thing!).

And Remember…

You are AWESOME! You are here on this planet for a reason and this is a very important time in our planet’s history. You are LOVED and you are SUPPORTED. You have a team of beautiful beings at your side at all times. This is YOUR reality and you are POWERFUL. I love you with every fiber of my being! Thank you for the co-creative opportunity to help you be who you are!